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Planning for Incapacity

While death is an unpleasant topic for many people, it is accepted as the eventual outcome for all of us. However, mental and physical disability or incapacity is often overlooked.  Sudden illnesses, accidents, dementia, stroke, or other injuries cause severe disabilities that can prevent you from making decisions and giving instructions about your wishes. And once you are unable to make decisions or communicate your wishes, it is too late for you to prepare the documents that give an agent or family member the ability to do so. The only recourse at that time is to go to court for help, which is expensive, time consuming, and the last thing you want to do. 

The Schwartz Law Firm can help you create the documents you need to provide instructions and your wishes regarding guardians, conservators, minor children, financial, and medical decisions, just in case you become disabled and incapacitated. 


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